There's more to a well-maintained property than having healthy grass. If your hedges and shrubs look neglected, it detracts from the appearance of your home or office building. Our team can handle all of your hedge trimming and pruning needs, so that your property always makes a great impression on visitors.

Improved curb appeal for your home

There are many reasons to want to improve your home's curb appeal. Maybe you're putting your home on the real estate market, or maybe you just want to come home to a place that makes you proud. Whatever your reasons, our hedge trimming and pruning services can help with your home's overall appearance.

Hedge trimming and pruning with an attention to detail

Your hedges will look sharp - not bare - when they're trimmed by our team. We approach hedge trimming and pruning with a body of knowledge about tree and shrub species and an eye for detail and symmetry. Simply put, we want your hedges to be healthy and we want them to look good. Give us a call today.

Remove downed tree limbs by calling us

If your property is littered with tree limbs and branches after a significant storm, call the team at Affordable Lawn Care. We can remove any downed limbs so that your lawn is free of debris. Call us today if you'd like a free service estimate for tree limb removal for your residential or commercial property.